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Reduce your fees today on keyed in transactions

The largest area of savings which we find for most merchants is keyed in transactions. In order to qualify for the lowest rates (Interchange), you need the following:

Proper Account Setup

  1. A program structure allows you to receive the lowest rates. This is typically an Interchange Pass through program. If your program currently charges Mid and Non Qualified rates, you are not receiving the true lowest rates.
  2. A correct classification of your business at Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Only certain SIC codes qualify for the lowest rates. This classification is assigned by your processing company.
  3. The proper options activated on your credit card terminal or point of sale hardware/software to prompt you for keyed in data requirements.

Transaction Requirements
Once your account is set up properly , you must enter the following information on keyed transactions to qualify for the lowest rates:

If card is a Consumer Card:

  1. Card account number
  2. Amount of sale
  3. Card expiration date
  4. Address Verification information
    1. Numeric billing address of card
    2. Numeric zip code of billing address
    3. The CVV information (3 digit numeric number on back of card)
    4. An order number. (This is typically an internal number to track sale, i.e. invoice number)

If the card is a Business Card, you must enter the above plus the following Level 2 data

  1. A Customer Code. ( A tracking number to identify customer which you create, i.e. 123)
  2. The Sales Tax (This may not be $0.00. This must be between .1% and 22% of the sale amount)

By entering the above Address Verification and Level 2 data, the card associations will allow your transaction to qualify for the lowest costs, (Interchange) for that card type. (Click here to review the current Interchanges)


The Straight Rate Program HIGHLIGHTS

One low flat monthly fee!
Process up to 100% of your average monthly Visa/MC/Discover/American Express volume. (Special low rate for extra monthly volume.)

True wholesale rates!
No markup!

Pay only the true published interchange. The same rates processors receive.

No hidden fees!
Simple, 100% transparent program.

No long-term commitment!
Monthly, Annual, and Two year agreements available. Flexible billing options. Free Equipment: With any 2 year agreement for qualified merchants.

All card types!
Experience, professional processing for all credit cards, debit cards and gift cards.

Free equipment!
With any 2-year agreement for qualified merchants. Purchase and rental options available.

Your own support specialist!
Talk to the same person every time you call.

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